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Siam Sunshine Trading Co., Ltd has been operating for more than 12 years. Our mission is to provide quality products from Thailand to international customers all over the world. We also aim to improve and assist SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) by providing direct services from fulfillment to delivery. Customer service is our top priority and that is the reason why our customers think of Siam Sunshine when they think of Thai products.

As part of our unparalleled customer service, we meticulously and securely document every order both domestic and international. Our fulfillment center in Thailand is open everyday from 9.00-18.00

Our fulfillment services include free standard packaging, and when necessary, we are also able to provide special packaging services such as vacuum sealing to prevent leakage. We also strive to comply with any international shipping standard of each country with delivery speed of 2-5 business days.

Siam Sunshine Trading Co., Ltd is legally registered in the United States and is FDA Authorized Certified for importing and exporting goods from Thailand. We comply with every US regulation and standard so that the safety and quality of our products can be ensured for our customers.

We are now also accepting resellers, please feel free to inquire for further information. 

Siam Sunshine provides one stop services for all fulfillment, logistics, and delivery needs for importing/exporting products from Thailand, including food and snacks. We cater to retailers and direct to customers all over the world. Thinking of Thailand, think of Siam Sunshine.

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